14 September 2012

RIDE Cup 2012 R3 - Race Day

I was early

Tires prep
RIDE No.26011 Re32 were chosen as controlled tires in R3 (same as ETS spec)

Kong changed his HW V3 esc from Black to Blue.
Guess 'Blue is better' (& faster???)

TC6.1 powered by ORCA was ready

TC6.1 with LTCR was ready

 AE pit area

Kong decided to isolate himself
He was serious about this race as he didn't want to drop to B main again.
(He was the B main winner in R2)

 RC City with different layout from R2

Drivers stand

There were about 64 drivers with 102 cars in 6 classes

2012 IFMAR World Champion, Jilles Groskamp, checked to see who else was with him in qualifying.

Would be an honour to be in this qualifying group.
Unfortunately, I was not.


Motor & body shell check area

F1 class attracted a record of 16 entries this round.

Lucky draw.
No luck in this round.

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